Monday 27th November

since deciding dating apps were no use for me I have seen a different man each night. all of them interesting, intelligent and attractive and one of them, insanely kinky. San Francisco is definitely interesting and there seems to be lots of opportunity for exploration and fun. i might end up getting stuck here! but i need a night off tonight for sure. my jaw and throat hurt from all the dick and my pussy is swollen and sore. my mind is alive though and right now i couldnt be happier. i am parked up right on the water, overlooking the bay, alcatraz and the golden gate bridge. drinking tea with some biscuits a very sexy, successful man gave me last night after a very mentally stimulating evening. i am living my dream exactly as i planned right now.

the sex fest started friday. i went for a walk in a park north of san fran that turned out to have an amazing view of the city.  i was already texting with 348 and was getting super horny about the prospect of the sex fest we were planning for saturday night. i was very horny and enjoying the view so thought id try using my fingers and no porn to get myself off. i basically masturbate one way only and i think i need to be more versatile, it will help with sex orgasms im sure. i fantasized about being caught and watched by some perv in the park. it was hard work but i got there and really enjoyed it, it was a good, deep orgasm. i carried on my walk for a couple of hours longer and went back to the bus for another thanksgiving sandwich. i had decided to go to the sex club and was talking to another boy, 347, on tinder so asked him if he would like to come. he was actually down and i was excited i wouldnt have to go alone. he is a van living boy with a van life instagram and youtube, and the beardy and glasses hipster type. i drove past the club on my way to find parking and it was in a super busy area, it had a big flashing sign announcing what it was and there were a lot of homeless people on the street. it wasnt the high end part of town, but it made it seem more kitch and fun than serious and dirty.  however 347 did not agree. he text me he had driven past and thought it was super sketchy. i had driven about a mile out of town to find somewhere to park, and after a bit of chat about other places we decided he would come park up near me while i got ready and we could decide if we would go or not. i knew he wouldnt be going, but i hadnt decided what i was going to do so just sat and did my make up while we chatted about myself mostly. i had lots of words to get out apparently. after a hour or so we ended up having slightly restrictive bus sex. i already have sex amnesia on most of the specifics. he told me he had done webcam with a ex so i hoped this meant he knew what he was doing. i think his dick was quite nice, if memory serves me. it was very hot and cramped in the bus, but he had moves. i think ultimately though it was just sweaty, cramped, restrained, quiet, and not in a naughty hot way. we had sex twice before it was time for him to leave. i think the second time i grabbed my vibrator and used it on my clit while he fucked me from behind then flipped me over onto my back with my legs on his shoulders until he came. my make up only got a little bit smudged.

when he left it was after midnight, and i figured i wasnt in need enough to go to the sex club then. i was also massively put off at the thought of walking to the club in heels and a dress on my own. its been a while since ive been out dressed up and at night, and i dont know what san fran is like, but i just didnt fancy having to fend off random street dudes shouting shit at me or trying to talk to me or get my attention the whole time. this sounds like a arrogant statement, but this is just my experience of stepping out the house that i have had repeatedly over 15 plus years. its why i cant live in vegas any more and its why i dont go out alone at night any more.

so i bedded down for the night as i had a good quiet parking spot where i was.

back to 348. within a few messages he had proposed an evening of a train of boys coming in to his apartment for us both to play with, to get some drugs and do all the things i could come up for myself and a bi bottom to do with other men and women. we started messaging literally minutes after i finished writing my previous post about not finding what i want. we planned for me to get to his on saturday at 11am, relax a bit while he worked, then get started on the sex fest. he messaged me early, his girlfriend had just left for the weekend, they are poly, and we were both up and ready so i headed over for 10am. it took me ages to find somewhere to park because he lived right near the sex club in a busy part of town. his apartment is in a nice old building over looking the street and all the craziness going on below in the tenderloin. it didnt take him long before his cock was in my mouth. it was fat and hard and his ball and asshole were perfectly shaved.

ok its now 16th September I have been stuck on this story and post for weeks. im over it. i will write it up when i want to.

andddd guess what. i just got harassed. again. in starbucks. foreign men interrupting me quite clearly writing and not looking around or in any way inviting conversation. it is so rude. why can a stranger ask a personal question and expect a answer? why is it ok to ask a stranger what their profession is? why is it ok to interrupt anyone elses lives without invitation? why do i have to feel like an asshole for telling them i dont want to tell a stranger personal information about me? i love being polite to strangers, chatting to people in line, being nice to people at the till. but when im clearly shut off i get so offended by the intrusion. its is wholly and completely a selfish act by the person perpetrating it. they, onesidedly decided to come and interrupt my day while i was clearly typing fast and with focus. i shouldnt have to feel like anyone can approach me at any time. its not fair.