20th November

I’ve had quite a quiet few days. I spent a lovely 24 hours with Sarah from friday afternoon. We had a hike around a park, got me some free maps, made dinner and watched Grimm. I parked up at hers too and spent the night in the bus there. We hung out more the next day too, Saturday morning. She cooked me French Toast which was delicious. We got on so well. I have no older female friends. And barely ever get to spend time with normal women. Well Sarah isnt normal! She is fantastic. We connected a lot about how we cope in the world and how we try to survive. I always believe i meet the right people at the right time and vice versa. I think we have both come away with alot to think about and a renewed confidence in the path we are taking with our lifes at the moment and the personal skills we are working on. I love connecting to open people through/on the simililarities in things you dont think anyone else experiences. When your crazy matches. It makes me feel a bit less crazy and a bit more valid.

After a week working on my new website and a day with my new friend I needed a couple of days off. I went back to the park Sarah took me to as its free at the moment and just parked up and watched Grimm. I didnt even go for a walk. When the park closed I parked up at some institute, thought it was like a college maybe, and settled in for the night. Around midn