November 15th

I didnt finish the last time I was writing. That wasnt even all of that day. I ended up going 40 miles south after to meet another guy. But he turned out to know how to take a good photo better than be a person i could stand being around. I just couldnt see how i saw what i did in the photos when I saw him in real life. A total let down. He was acting, and talking, exactly like an ex who did meth and heroin. He had no respect for my bus and was just so on edge. Within 15 minutes of meeting him I had to tell him I was too uncomfortable with him to carry on and had to take him back home. He was a bit better on the drive back but damn I was relieved to get him out my bus. So I drove to McDonalds and watched some TV and enjoyed my night alone.

Monday morning I drove down to Santa Rosa to get some cheap weed to keep me going a while and I started this. Then went for a drive around the area where the wildfires burnt all the homes, unintentionally, on the way to the park. It was devastating. Then I had a nice walk around the park and a dance up on a platform with a nice view. I went to AT&T to get my phone working again and good internet. I ate a early dinner at Chipotle and went and parked in the suburbs behind the main street for the night.

Tuesday was my 3 year wedding anniversary. Ive been divorced 1 year and 5 months. And I was in a great mood. Not because of that, but luckily I suppose, cause today isnt as perky. I didn’t have any grand plans. I came to Starbucks and did a broadcast on Live.Me. Made nothing. I did write up my resume though for the project/life experiment. Im feeling really good getting things down for once. I have to keep pushing. Just open the computer and do this. Then I ended up speaking to mom and dad for a few hours. I went for a walk in the park again and met a lovely lady while I was hanging upside down on exercise equipment. We just kept chatting away and I told her about the project and she told me its what her sister does and its called Abundance Exchange. I have googled it but cant find anything about a movement or a website, but that term is very good. It might help communicate my idea. I took her number and said we should do a walk around the park together in a few days and she was very happy. Its raining today so I am going to call her tomorrow morning or tonight and see if she fancies a walk tomorrow. I treated myself to a Panda Express dinner and a night of Grimm and joints. I talked to a couple of dead ends on Tinder and went to bed way too late.

Not feeling as bright today, so I put on some make up and have come to Starbucks to do some writing. Of course within being here 5 minutes the foreign guy sitting behind me just has to get up and hit on me. And then come back and talk again, and again, in increasingly more awkward exchange. So now I cant do cause he is sat behind be and i cant really stop writing or look around for fear he is going to come talk to me.
There are a few matches on Tinder that I could potentially meet up with here but nothing is grabbing me yet. Its raining today so no hiking either. I plan to get some form of my project constructed today. Or at least started.