i have so much to do

i have creativity pouring out of me at the moment. i have so many posts i want to write, things i want to write about and pieces i want to make. every day is just going to be a process of getting as much out as well as still taking in more and having new experiences. im so excited about the artistic journey ahead of me. my best friend said to me last night;

“some people have to live their life as art and be extreme and burn brighter than others to show people something about themselves. thats what i think of you when you are at your best. your most honest. and fearless. when you are doing things cos you love you not cos you hate you.”

it was the most beautiful, succinct summary of how i feel i need and want to live my life. it is a statement about me that im wildly proud of cause that is who i want to be and what i want to do. and it is why i am here, sharing all of this rawness with you. every single element of my life is curated by me to be exactly what i want and what I, think it should be. my life is the piece of art i am trying to capture through any media i see fit. i have fought for my right to live my life as i have. it hasnt been an easy journey. and its not going to be smooth sailing from now, far from it. but it sure as hell is worth it. and hopefully through me living my life to my fullest i can share things with people and help people in ways that i wouldnt if i had denied my calling and tried to fit in or live any other way than my authentic self.

at some point i will write a well edited, concise explanation of my concepts. the reasons i choose to put myself out there the way i do and why i share specifically what i do, is all intentional and hopefully at some point can be rounded up into a body of work that explores my passions and position in the world, and everyone can see it as the sum of its parts and its parts independently. until then, i hope you enjoy the process of me making and exploring, editing and adventuring.


post dedicated to a woman i cant wait to stay in touch with and watch grow the rest of my life. i love you.